Airborne Chemicals Are Impossible To Avoid

We are hearing about airborne chemicals today that 100 years ago were unheard of such as, acid rain and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and others. We've known for a long time that substances like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide were bad news for the atmosphere.

Who knew though, that the rain that we depend on to clean things up had a pH, and that acid rain decreased it.

Smog in cities and allergens require air quality monitoring and reporting. That activity has been going on for a long time. But truthfully, they usually just mention the air quality or the pollen count. There is obviously so much more to this air quality thing than just pollen.

I used to believe that when the air was bad outside, all I had to do was go inside and turn on the air conditioner. But now there are volatile organic compounds inside that originate right inside the home in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets that pose a sizable risk.

You see, all those detergents, solvents, air fresheners, hair sprays, some perfumes, cleaners of every kind are all chemically based. Also there are treatments to wood, plastics, polymers, etc. The insidious part is that these are things that we use on a daily basis and thought were totally harmless.

The truth is when you smell something, that means that particles have entered your nose. In your home you also have to deal with dust mites, pet dander and other contaminants that carry germs.

And What about that completely invisible menace, Radon Gas, which is reported to cause lung cancer, even among non-smokers. Every home would be advised to get a Radon Test kit, and find out if there might be a problem.

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