Alternative Health is Becomming Primary Health for Some

The terms alternative health, holistic or natural health is in many ways appropriate, because it describes a different approach to treatment, especially when traditional medicine don't work.

But for me and a growing number of others, it has become the primary option, because it focuses not only on a particular problem, but the overall wellness condition.

The reasoning is straightforward and simple. Over the counter drugs in my opinion send you on a trip without a destination. Imagine having to take otc meds daily because you have pain, what's the end game? Obviously, you're not solving what caused the pain. And what about the side effects associated with continued usage?

Consider prescription drugs, they are stronger, more expensive, and also have side effects. In fact, many prescriptions are dispensed to treat problems caused by side effects. This is truly a circular problem.

So clearly, just masking the pain is not fixing the problem or improving the condition, however, building up your system while treating the problem is the correct approach for sustained health.

Physicians who practice traditional medicine will typically prescribe drugs. That’s what they're taught in medical school and so they ignore the possibility that there is anything outside of drugs that can solve problems.

What happens is you'll be prescribed a drug that will in turn produce side effects, and then you'll be prescribed another drug for the problems created by the first drug. Can you see the silliness of this kind of logic?I refer to that as a drug maze, once in it's difficult to find your way out.

For those who understand that the body requires holistic solutions and that Complimentary Treatment, (which is what I prefer to call treatment considered outside the so-called mainstream), addresses the whole body through adequate nutrition.

With some research and awareness of the news of the day, you too, may consider looking with interest at alternative health and the choices that will effect you and the quality of your life.

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