Should You Be Concerned About Bio-Accumulation?

Recently scientists are using a term new to most of us, bio-accumulation. Simply stated, it means that toxins can add up in the body if not moved out through the waste process daily.

Enduring toxins in air, water, and food is an unfortunate but accepted modern day reality, but how much is too much? The FDA has established maximum levels of exposure for more than 3000 chemical substances (measured in parts per billion), that are acceptable in food.

Until recently, the focus was mainly on the FDA established levels of these substances to determine whether ingesting them were safe. No one ever asked the question of what would happen if the body could not rid itself of these toxins appropriately. What if these toxins began to accumulate in the body?

There is little doubt that allowing these toxins to accumulate is likely to cause all manner of disease. The problem is, since nobody raised the question about bio-accumulation, where is the definitive data that explains the effects, and also the combined effects of the mixing of different toxins that were also accumulated.

For some reason food processors and packagers are silent on this issue. Farming conglomerates' also have nothing to say, so how are we to defend ourselves against the unknown. For certain, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and other toxins cause health problems but no one wants to talk about it.

So as consumers what can we do to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of poisons building up our systems? You are already doing the first, and that is becoming informed about the problem. Next, do whatever you can to reduce the amount of toxins you come in contact with. And finally, cleansing your system at least four times a year should keep your system cleaner than it is today, if you are not currently cleansing.

The severity of this problem is a recent one (within the last 50 years), but is getting worse all the time as the toxin count continues to grow in our environment.

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