You are what you eat is more than a slogan when it comes to your diet

The word diet is used in many ways, and many different contexts, but is always understood to be about what we intake as food.

Interestingly, The Greeks saw it as a "way of living". Also note that the first three letters of the word is die, so there is no doubt that we should take the subject seriously.

Often the word is associated with someone overweight, but honestly today many of us are in fact malnourished. Not as a result of not eating, but eating nutrient deficient food that fails to supply what our system requires.

It would take a bathtub sized salad today to nutritionally equal a bowl of salad 100 years ago because of the condition of the topsoil which has long since been washed away. At one time the soil contained over 80 nutrients, but today we fertilize the soil with only three NPK (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus). That is the bare minimum required to grow food.

So there should be no surprise at the continuous rise in illness conditions despite attempts to eat right. This brings me to the next problem, and that is processed foods. With the high levels of salt and sugar plus preservatives to increase shelf life. Personally, I prefer preserving my own life.

Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and a host of other degenerative diseases are directly related to our eating habits

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