Protecting what's Left of the environment is critical

It turns out this environment thing is as serious as it gets. How anyone could have a problem with preserving it at any cost is beyond me, but that's not what this page is about.

This page looks at the effects on health by the world around us. As we struggle to remain healthy, the goings on around us is putting us in serious jeopardy. The quality of air and water have steadily deteriorated while pollution is threatening every living thing.

Take the case of the so-called "chemical soup" in the Pacific (said to be twice the size of Texas, and growing). This plastic dump is made primarily of non-biodegradable bits of plastic. This contamination works its way up the food chain and you and I are eating it and all the BPA in it. -- yum yum

everyone is aware of the problems associated with the use of fossil fuels. This is certainly a problem that will not go away, and clearly the money involved will not allow any clear thinking in this matter.

The dirty little secret is that whether you live next to a chemical plant or not, you have some level of toxic contamination in your blood. Don't believe me - Go and take a series of blood tests.

Speaking of blood tests, recently independent tests have been performed on the umbilical cords of 10 infants, and 232 toxic chemicals were found, Including BPA. It really makes me wonder about all these new diseases, i.e. ADD, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Autism, etc. I'm no rocket scientist so you tell me where these things are coming from.

other aspects of earth habitation to consider:

  • Why do we need the world's rainforest?
  • What minerals do humans need for optimal health?
  • Can air purifiers keep the living spaces in the home safe?
  • what is the effect of oxygen deficiency?

How damaging is pollution to our health?
Increasingly foods are being poisoned by environmental Pollution. Chemicals are now everywhere in our environment, and they are poisoning the food supply. Chemicals used in farming and industry have tainted our ground water supply

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