Feedback Closes The Loop On Information Flow

Feedback, is essential to serving you better. Much of the content presented on this website is new information to many, and as such should be substantiated through independent research. It is our opinion that the information at the very least, opens a window to things not commonly known. When I first learned some of these things, quite frankly, I was shocked. It is not our purpose to shock you, but rather to educate and inform you.

If you have learned anything new from this website, you can bet that others can as well. That’s why it is important to share information and help others to learn and grow. Through your feedback you may opt to become a regular contributor as accepted submissions get published for all to see and follow.

The Feedback portion of the site is divided into three sections:

Comments - Comments provided by visitors can be very helpful in improving the website and including items not currently addressed.

Opinions - Opinions on anything you find on this site is appreciated and could serve to build a consensus around a host of issues important to our visitors.

Stories - Many can benefit from your positive experiences with products, information and sources.