Genetically Modified Foods have Infiltrated Our Lives Without Our Permission

Ask the average American whether he or she buys and eats Genetically Modified Foods (GM) or Genetically Engineered (GE), and the likely answer is no. In fact, they may think that this type of food is not being sold in the US.

How wrong they are. In fact, there are already four major crop types approved for farming - corn, canola, cotton, and soy. If you think about it, those four covers a lot of territory when it comes to processed food. Everything you see in supermarkets, except raw fruits and vegetables, are affected because they most likely contain GE food product.

Then, there is the question of safety. Much debate is taking place around the world by scientists about whether it is safe or not. Some even refer to this as a bio-hazard waiting to happen. In my view, there are certainly many unanswered questions.

Probably the most disturbing thing of all is - We didn't get the memo, but all of a sudden, we're in a Transgenic Environment where most of what we consume has been modified.

Check out these videos that really shine light on the "Issue of Our Time". Many are focused on how much debt we are leaving to our children, but we better also focus on what food source and poisons we are leaving for our children, for nothing less than our survival as a species hangs in the balance.

Video Play List

The Future of Food: What Every Person Should Know with Deborah Garcia
An in-depth interview with Deborah Garcia hosted by the Massachusetts School of Law Educational Forum

Controlling Our Food
A critical examination of the issues around pesticides, herbicides, gene manipulation and the right to own farming

Genetically Modified Food - Panacea Or Poison (GMO NWO 2005 Divx5)
The ethics, benefits and potential health hazards of genetically modified foods

Fat, MSG, Aspartame, It's in all the food
Dr. Russel Blaylock discusses how our food today is adulterated with excitotoxins. Dr. Blaylock has written many books and does an excllent job explaining how these toxins affect our bodies. He cuts through the political and industry lies. This is a must s

Professor T. Colin Campbell PhD -- Animal protein (meat and dairy) causes cancer
Celebrated Cornell professor T. Colin Campbell discusses his decades of NIH-funded research which show that meat and dairy promote cancer growth and a plant-based (vegan) diet can prevent and even reverse cancer. Covers the Oxford-Cornell-China Study which

Paul Roberts - The End of Food
Journalist and author, Paul Roberts, talks about the commercial food industry and the need for a broader systemic approach for confronting the global food challenges facing the world today.

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