GMO Foods - What lies ahead for humans

Originally, gmo crops were supposed to feed the world and end world hunger. Well, it hasn't worked out that way. In fact, there is already enough food and capacity to feed the world. what is missing is sufficient distribution, selflesnes, and resolve to put humans over profit. In fact what was presented as a plan to end world hunger was nothing more a plan to control and dominate the food supply.

If you got nothing more from these video reports than, the profit motive, then you got the big idea and the big idea is all about the money.

Many spend their lives worrying about what they will be leaving their children, well we had better add food to that list.

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Genetically Modified Foods - Are They Safe?

After reading and viewing the information presented, you have the opportunity to express your opinions about the way in which we get most of the food today. Many are understandably concerned about this new technology with no apparent testing for long term health effects. What Say You!