Health Is A Form Of Wealth You Can't Buy

Health - If you know someone who is sick, especially with a degenerative diseased condition, that's a sobering experience. It always evokes reflection on our own efforts to maintain ourselves. Life is a busy experience and sometimes the body takes a backseat to the immediacies of the moment.

When we get sick however, it comes rushing to the fore, and remains there until the crisis is over. Not only are we fully engaged but often family members are involved out of concern. Many times it has to become their top priority as well.

There are times when we just feel tired, burned out, and exhausted with a lack of energy. This condition can drag on for months and come on gradually, and suddenly you have it. Now your productivity is down and your mental capacity is influenced by your physical condition. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about.

The goal of this page is to present some information that you might not have been exposed to. If you have please share it with someone else.

When it Comes to Nutritious Eating - Pick Your Poision
Healthy Eating today is harder that at any time in history. With all the nutrient-defficient, environmentally contaminated and processed food, it is a real challenge to stay of the state of food, as it is steadily declining.

Soda - How Many Do You Drink Per Day?
Soda has been attributed to much of the weight gain experienced. With the huge amount of sugar (39 grams on average) , additionally, many diseases such as diabetes, dehidration and heart Disease are aided.

Food-Myths - What Has Food Come To?
Food-myths - is a movie chronicling the takeover of the food industry by big agriculture to the detriment of our health. People under 50 have no idea what a real tomato taste like.

Genetically Modified Foods have Infiltrated Our Lives Without Our Permission
Genetically Modified foods - is a growing concern of consumers all over the world. In the United States the awareness is not yet broad enough to galvanize a huge effort as it is in the European Union.

Is Your Obesity Inherited From Your Parents?
Obesity can be confusing, frustrating, depressing and deadly. Without question, this scourge is on the minds of everyone from the president to medical professionals to overweight people themselves.

Is Organophosphate Poisoning Threatening the future of our Children
A 2007 study linked the organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos, which is used on some fruits and vegetables, with delays in learning rates, reduced physical coordination, and behavioral problems in children, especially ADHD.

Glyconutrients - How Sweet It Is
Glyconutrients is a cellular science that is happening right now. It enhances our understanding of how and why we seccumb to disease, and how this vital class of food can help normalize our health.

Managing Chronic Disease is like holding a handful of water
Managing chronic disease is more about managing the realization that you've allowed yourself to reach this point, and it should have and could have been prevented.

Inflamation hurts Overtly and Covertly
By the time you feel pain inflamation is already present. But it may have started long before that.

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