High Fiber Diet - Balancing The Nutritional Scale

A high fiber diet is as much a requirement in our diet as any other nutrient. It happens to belong to the clean-up crew.Cells are born and die every few minutes, hours, or days, depending on the cell type. The waste material has to be flushed from the body, as it is no longer needed.

There are only two main evacuation systems. One - the the kidneys and bladder and two - the digestive track.

Today our systems are overwhelmed with toxic chemicals and pollutants from the environment, perscription drugs,too much salt, sugar, too much animal protien, and not enough fruits and vegetables. It is the function of the digestive system to excrete waste and also extract nutrients from food intake.

This dual role of the digestive system only serves to amplify the point.

Without a broom to sweep out the colon, we suffer constipation and worse, toxic accumulation. Over time this will cause all manner of illness. Thus the statement was coined "Death Begins In The Colon".

I have actually observed individuals who have consumed several meals within a 24 hour period totally fiberless. See the table below concerning the consumption of animal protien.

Given the state of food today, we all should be eating more plants and less animal flesh. That wisdom goes back to the "Garden Of Eden" after all, - It was a garden!

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