Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Without It, Nothing else Matters

This site focuses on observations and common sense conclusions about nutrition, health and wellness that would be obvious if, it weren't hiding in plain sight.

Consider all the back and forth about health care and yet, not a single word about how not to need it in the first place.

Degenerative diseases (i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer etc.) don't just happen, they are a process that takes place over a period of time. This period of time often correlates directly with the systematic build-up of toxins and the absense of proper nutrition.

Our bodies understand better than we or any physician what it needs to maintain and repair itself, given the right nutrients to work with. No one in the media, government, or medical community seem to want to talk to the specifics of the problem.

Instead, they leave it to the drug companies and their billions spent on convincing you that they care, and they have a solution to your health issue.

My mission is to introduce some saneness into the conversation and to highlight some facts that no one talks about but has a direct effect on how you view these issues.

Taking this ride will be confirming for some and eye-opening for others. It's time the cat got out of the bag.