Nutrition is more than just food

Nutrition is something that most everyone has some basic understanding of, but it's effects on health, wellness, disease prevention, energy, libido etc., gets more detailed and our knowledge diminishes sharply, because quite frankly, hardly anyone talks about it.

After all, it is the fuel that powers the body. "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."Hippocrates, 400 B.C. . Clearly Hippocrates understood the importance of daily intake.

Even He though, would be shocked at what passes for food today. The modern day miracle of processing has managed to destroy and displace most of the healthy things in food and replace them with chemicals, preservatives, fillers, artificial sugars and so forth.

Our bodies are having a difficult time recognizing and using effectively, much of what we intake as food. That would explain many of the cravings that hold us hostage. After all, Our bodies will continue to ask us for what it needs to do what it has been programmed to do. - Keep Us Going

  • The pros and cons for using suppliments
  • Food education can make you smart and healthy
  • Can you trust the research?
  • What role does the environment play?
  • vitamins - natural vs synthetic
  • How does healing really happen?
  • Why enzymes matter
  • The Virtues of a high fiber diet
  • Choosing the right dietary suppliments
  • How to get started with organic gardening
  • information everyone should know
  • Does politics play a role in suggesting what you eat?

Cellular nutrition, of course, is the essence of this issue. Because healthy cells make healthy tissues, healthy tissues make healthy systems and healthy systems make a healthy body.

You are what you eat is more than a slogan when it comes to your diet
What we consume, when we consume it, and how much we consume is the essence of our modern day diet. A closer look will reveal some things not Intuitively obvious about our diet and our ability stay healthy.

Vitamins - Organic vs Synthetics - Are They Equal?
What you don't know about vitamins could mean the difference between providing real potent nourishment for your body or just polluting your system with more toxins.

Failing to supplement can cost you in the long run
Understanding that vital nutrients (supplements) are missing from our diet should prompt us to want to know - what we're missing, what do they do, and where is the best place to get it.

Kids Love Food That Is Sweet
Obesity in kids places food front and center in the debate about why so many of our school age children are getting fatter faster than ever before. There are legitimate concerns about school diets including what kids drink.

Processed Food is like air - Its Everywhere
Processed food is supposed to be a sign of progress and triumph over hunger, yet obesity is almost epidemic and heart disease is skyrocketing. Why can't we just say no to all this eating?

High Fiber Diet - Balancing The Nutritional Scale
A High Fiber Diet serves to negate some of the negative effects of learned behavior and the acquired taste for so many things that contain no fiber at all.

Are ORAC Claims Equal Across All Products?
ORAC value claims are all the rage of the supplement industry today. (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) , is a method established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to quantify antioxidant potency.

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