Is Your Obesity Inherited From Your Parents?

Obesity is the extreme when it comes to being overweight. The cause can be attributed to many factors, i.e. overeating, gland abnormalities, stress, heredity and so forth. While there is usually more than a single factor, food seems to be the major culprit in one way or another. In other words no one becomes obese without eating.

Clearly then, what we eat and how much we eat is where analysis has to begin. We know for instance that culture can play a role in what we are exposed to as kids, and that carries into adulthood.

There are also those foods that cross cultural barriers like bread, pasta, milk, cheese, beef, pork, chicken and fish. These foods all play a prominent role in our diets all with a cultural twist.

our parents no doubt developed their habits of eating and food preparation from their parents. But if you go back about three or four generations and you will realize that there are things today to contend with that did not exist back then - Fast Food, Processed Food, and Genetically Modified Food

Quite Frankly, you don't hear much about these three in combination. They don't want you to focus here. The weight loss industry would rather sell you weight loss products, and the medical industry would rather to just treat you, and of course the food industry is just interested in selling more food.

This leaves many to conclude that I am big because my parent was, or I just have big bones, or this is just my physiology. While one or all of the above may seem to be true, here are some videos about food that should be added to your thought process when it comes to obesity.

Video Play List

Genetically Modified Food - Panacea Or Poison (GMO NWO 2005 Divx5)
The ethics, benefits and potential health hazards of genetically modified foods

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive Foods
Neal Barnard MD discusses the science behind food additions. Willpower is not to blame: chocolate, cheese, meat, and sugar release opiate-like substances. Dr. Barnard also discusses how industry, aided by government, exploits these natural cravings, pushin

Marketing Milk and Disease
From McDougall's Medicine: Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-free Truth: Dr. McDougall takes on the dairy, pharmaceutical & meat industries, & speaks out against low-carb diets.

Fat, MSG, Aspartame, It's in all the food
Dr. Russel Blaylock discusses how our food today is adulterated with excitotoxins. Dr. Blaylock has written many books and does an excllent job explaining how these toxins affect our bodies. He cuts through the political and industry lies. This is a must s

McDonalds Food - The Truth
This is the truth of McDonalds' food. It is absolutely disgusting. Caution to those with weak stomachs

Super Size Me
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock makes himself a test subject in this documentary about the commercial food industry.

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