Is Organophosphate Poisoning Threatening the Health of our Children

Organophosphate poisoning is not what you would expect to see as you are choosing fruits and vegetables from your grocer. That is, in fact what some recent studies show. The studies report that because of the insecticides used on some fruits and vegetables, a recent rash of neurological problems have increased.

As far as I am concerned, fruits and vegetables are the last bastion of health maintenance. Once these life-sustaining organisms are compromised, what's left? Any reasonable person would ask himself or herself - where is all of this ADD and ADHD coming from anyway? Why are there so many hyperactive kids? Without a doubt, the answer is contamination or poison. Millions around the world have been treated for insecticide poisoning, that fact has been firmly established.

Let me offer my pennies worth of opinion, since I'm not a so-called expert. It is these toxins and excitotoxins that have these kids wired beyond their ability to control their behavior. The last thing that I would ever do is consent to school administrators to give any drugs to my kid(s) to control their behavior.

Recognizing the complexity of the world in which we live, there should be a heightened awareness on the part of school personnel, of the possibility of some type of chemical contamination before dispensing drugs (more chemicals) to children for behavioral problems.

It should also be understood that the problems of chemical contamination lives on with these kids right into adulthood.

Organophosphates and carbonates are the most frequently used insecticides worldwide. These compounds cause 80% of the reported toxic exposures to insecticides.

Organophosphate poisoning can occur at three levels of severity.

First is the situation where the victim does not even detect a problem or maybe just some discomfort and confusion associated with a hard days work. Continued exposure can lead to brain damage.

Second (mild acute poisoning)-This is a 'flu-like illness which follows exposure to Ops. Sometimes the victim just has a bit of a headache, feels unusually tired or finds he can't think clearly.

Third Acute Organophosphate poisoning (This is the syndrome recognized by doctors and Poisons Units. Symptoms occur within 24 hours of exposure and include collapse, breathing problems, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive salivation, heart dysrhythmias, extreme anxiety etc.)

We should all take organophosphate poisoning and all food contaminations seriously as is illustrated in the videos below

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Learn more about organophosphate poisoning here

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