How Does Politics Affect Your Health?

It's comforting to believe that health is only about health. Truth is, health is about politics, financial status, lifestyle, the media and a host of other seemingly unrelated things.

For instance, how can a lobbyist for some drug company or insurance company influence my health choices, my health outcome or the ever rising cost of health insurance?

It's simple! When you have hundreds of millions of dollars to payoff legislators, fund your own studies, fund medical departments in universities, manipulate the media, and saturate television with commercials, you can continuously frame the conversation and control the argument.

It all starts with the too cozy relationship with companies and the government. Legislators frequently admit that they don't even read most of what a bill contains, so it often becomes law without adequate scrutiny. When a particularly egregious discovery is found, they just try to amend or correct it later. Would you care to guess how many that correction is too late to help?

When it comes to real prevention and preservation of health, the silence is almost deafening. Is there a problem if too many people embrace health? Certainly some would make a whole lot less money. When it comes to stating the obvious, a big hush covers everyone over.

Writing your own laws has to be seen as a gift from the Gods, however it does raise some interesting questions:

  • Does Healthcare trump Health?
  • Is science non-biased?
  • Does the health insurance issue miss the larger point?
  • Which would you prefer - health or health care
  • When is a prescription drug not a drug?
  • Why is nutrition the N word we should not ignore?

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