How damaging is pollution to our health?

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Pollution is absolutely the most damaging thing to our health, environment and ultimately man's continued existence on this planet. If you consider other extinct species, you'll see that the eco systems that sustained them broke down, and their inability to adapt to those changes, was ultimately their undoing.

Those extinct species at least had an excuse, they could not think. Humans on the other hand can think, but are so self-serving that we continue place our own eco system into great jeopardy. There is a point beyond which there is no return.

Our foods are being poisoned by environmental contamination. Chemicals are now everywhere poisoning our food. Contaminants like dioxins, pesticides, solvents can actually accumulate in the fat tissues of livestock that we eat, and subsequently build up in our own fat tissues.

Ground water is a disaster sure to happen unless we are willing to act. Conservation efforts have largely focused on preserving fresh water, and that's good. However, the focus should be broadened to encompass protecting the quality of fresh water as well.

PCB's haven't been used in the U.S. for more than two decades. But dangerous levels of PCB's remain in the natural environment and pose a threat to human health.

Failure to utilize known crop rotation techniques in favor of pesticides, continues to unnecessarily add to the problem of soil and ground water contamination.

The average person is exposed to over 3 pounds of pure toxic poison each year just from fruits and vegetables. So how does that fact affect the parts per million (ppm) levels we hear about?

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