Rainforest or Respirators - Which will you leave your children?

Rainforests and oceans around the world are responsible for nature's super food sources and remarkable plant compounds. This is the secret to robust health. No thanks to man - the earth continues to produce botanicals brimming with healing nutrients and aggressive health-building factors.

So why then is there this reluctance to protect what is obviously one of man's triad of life. By the way, without the triad of air, water and food, life could not exist:

In 1900 the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere was about 35%. Today sadly, it's only about 18%. The minimum we need to continue breathing is about 14% to 16%. The numbers are clearly going in the wrong direction.

This vegetation once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6%, and experts estimate that the last remaining forest could be wiped out in less than 40 years. The connection is obvious. I'm sure the drug companies would be ecstatic at the financial potential.

The poisoning of our environment has led to a dramatic upsurge in chronic ailments and increased vulnerability to infectious bugs, from colds to respiratory problems that linger.

Humans are creating quite a mess on this planet and the capacity of the earth's cleansing ability are drastically reduced. Make no mistake, we will reap the effects of the status quos participation or inaction, to stem the tide of this downward spiral.

I can certainly envision the day when, if we can afford them, we will all be wearing respirators, if we do nothing but what we're doing.

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