Failing to use supplements can cost you in the long run

This is where supplements come in. Your body can perform its own health miracles daily - if only it has the right nutrients to work with. More and more multi-vitamins are starting to include some of the better known minerals, but most are still lacking important minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

The truth is, many vitamins are made synthetically and are not as effective as vitamins that come from whole food sources.

There are over 80 such nutrients in nature that simply can't be duplicated in the lab. Even if they could, imagine the toxicity levels your body would have to endure. Paying attention to where these vitamins are coming from is as important as taking them in the first place.

So what are some of these 80 plus nutrients? Well, many of them are trace minerals (micronutrients) that break down into classes such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids. Taken together with sufficient levels of each gives the body what it needs to regulate all it's internal systems, and generate the appropriate chemical activity to keep us healthy.

Most of the focus today is on macronutrients (food pyramid) which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They play a role in any diet, and eating macronutrients in proper balance provides a base for good nutrition.

It is micronutrients however, that is the missing link to good nutrition in our diet, and is simply not available in a standard diet, or from a synthetic pill.

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