Vitamins - Organic vs Synthetics - Are They Equal?

The Health Store Industry has a vast customer base of loyal followers. Vitamins are the primary product sold at these stores. That is an acknowledgement that we are lacking in our diets unless we supplement with something.

I just don't happen to think that this kind of supplementation is the answer. In fact, I would argue that putting something into your body that it does not recognize is nothing more than storing up a bad situation for later in life.

Actually, the definition of the word gives an important clue to it's properties. It comes from the Latin root word vita which means life. So the first criteria that must be met is, it must be living. Next, there is the issue of natural versus synthetic. Natural from plants or Synthetic from the laboratory.

There are major differences and they are summarized in the table below:

Plant sources are what our systems identify the closest with and expect. On the other hand synthetics don't come from plants, at least not directly, therefore are strangers that our systems don't quite know what to do with.

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