Wellness Programs - Part Art, Part Science

Most major health providers have wellness programs. These programs are typically targeted at senior citizens, but can often encompass others too. These programs are touted as keeping people healthy through exercise, diet and comradery with others.

If that's all it takes to get and remain healthy, Then why are so many people always sick? When it comes to exercise, many don't even feel well enough to engage in physical activity. What can a program like this do for them?

Another aspect of a typical health industry sponsored program is diet. Now when it comes to seniors, many are set in their ways and see any type of encroachment on their usual eating habits a major change that they may be uncomfortable making.

Is this all there is to a complete and thoughtful program? Absolutely not, so what's missing? The answer is plenty. Let's build an effective wellness program by talking about what to include, and what to leave out.

First of all, your health, energy, and daily vitality are directly measured by what you eat and drink. Most of the acid-forming foods and beverages we consume are actually energy draining and health depleting. The next thing to know is the foods which are alkalizing, do not contain the nutrients they used to.

The most important thing you need to know is when it comes to detoxifying the blood, relieving pain, maintaining a good blood pressure, improving cholesterol, fighting colds, infection, respiratory weakness, protecting and nourishing brain cells - Plant compounds that deliver natural sources of phytochemicals, phytonutrients, bioflavanoids, antioxidants, enzymes and xanthones.

This is obviously too important to leave in the hands of others, your quality of life is most important to you, or should be. Remember that these industry based wellness programs are part ofa larger profit driven system which benefits from you getting sick over and over again. So know who means you well and who just profits from you being sick.

When you figure that out and respond appropriately, then you're on the road to True Wellness.

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