Is Health And Wellness The Same Thing?

Those who practice wellness have made some major decisions. First, they no longer wait for the next disease before they act in their own self-interest.

Next, They have actively taken a very aggressive posture to disease prevention. If they get sick, they not only get themselves well, but they also do what is necessary to upgrade their health.

They don't see themselves lugging around a bag of pills, getting around using a walker, wheelchair, or a three legged walking cane. They see themselves playing golf, traveling, sailing and other activities that befit a healthy lifestyle.

Most importantly, what they have done is decided to educate themselves and not leave it to television, magazines and the media to tell them what they should think

They understand that TV, Magazines, Media all are in the advertising business and are delivering for their clients. That’s a very different interest than someone in need of useful information.

Those who have embraced this new and enlightened behavior have decided to make a lifestyle change that is for the better. In short, lifestyle is not only the way forward for them but, the name of the game.

There is an old adage that says that an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I would argue that it's worth much more than a pound of cure, especially at today's medical costs.

Prevention can also determine if you will live a life of vim and vigor, or be one of those unfortunate people we hear about and wonder - With all that money, why did he or she let it come to this?

You see, degenerative disease does not discriminate. If you leave the door open, it will enter. It picks winners and losers based on actions taken by individuals - That means you

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